Business Advisory Service


For small European companies active in the commercial, industrial and tourism fields who are willing to compete in the Chinese market.


In China, especially in the major cities, there are several big consulting companies, law firms and tax accountants. These firms are normally used by large and medium-sized foreign companies seeking to penetrate the Chinese market. They are very useful but also very expensive.
Small foreign companies with interesting products or services, but with limited financial means, limited time and limited staff who can evaluate and formulate a commercial and production strategy, often abandon the opportunity to come to China because of these constraints, hence leaving all the market opportunities to the big players.

LINKtoCHINA Consulting works for these small companies allowing them to evaluate the opportunities to operate in China without spending a large amount of money and without wasting time.
LINKtoCHINA Consulting ensures to these small companies the professional follow-up acting as a Representative Office (serviced RO).

Our approach to China in 5 steps