LINKtoCHINA Consulting

Is a company, legally based on the form of a Chinese Partnership, founded in 2011 and based in Beijing.

LINKtoCHINA is a privileged vehicle for small commercial, industrial and financial European companies willing to approach the Chinese market. Our company aims to be the first point of contact on Chinese soil to whom our customers shall address themselves to carry out their goals and missions.

LINKtoCHINA’s structure and personnel will be the “foreign office” of the European small company. The advantages these companies will find when working with us consist in:

The opportunity to work in China without having to create a complex and expensive legal structure, especially in the initial phase;

Having in China a partner to rely on for market and product research, search of distributors and, potentially, even Joint ventures;

Having in China a partner to manage the follow-up of the specialists’ activities in the different fields (legal, fiscal, commercial), as well as the activities of the distributors and of the possible Joint ventures.